Our team started in this industry over ten years specializing in bridal across Minneapolis MN. Glamour Beauty was founded in 2010, by artists who wanted to specialize in Bridal airbrush makeup and hair. Every bride we work with deserves a unique customized look that reflects their inner and outer beauty. Weddings are one of the 3 most important events that happen in a person's life.

At Glamour Beauty we want to be a part of that. Our team is constantly on the latest trends in the beauty industry, each bride will never have an outdated look. We strive to have each of our client's feel like themselves during the whole time they are with us. 

We want to give bride's a glamour look that represents them- and allows them to feel like themselves. We provide unlimited amount of services so everything a client would need is right there for them! we have it for you! 

"Every Bride deserves a little extra SPARKLE" - Glamour Beauty 

Where We Started...

Meet the Glam Squad
Audrey "Katie" Phelps

Owner/Lead Hair & Makeup Artist/CEO



Quality Cuddle Control/Office Management

Tinker is our youngest member to our team. She has been in training with Audrey since her adoption day. Her goal is to provide quality cuddling coordination for all artists and clients. Her spunky attitude and energy always will bring a smile to any client's face. She can brighten anyone's day with her positive outlook on life! 


Quality Cuddling Control/Artist in Training

Belle has been in the industry for over 5 years now. She is our executive assistant and quality cuddling coordinator. Her genuine friendliness makes everyone she meets feel at ease. She goes above and beyond to assist in the best way she can, whether offering snuggles or providing a calming aurora wherever she goes. 

Macy like any makeup artist, began her love of beauty long before she ever put a brush to a face. Having no formal training, she has spent many years perfecting and training her craft. Working with many different people for all different events has given her a distinctive perspective in what it really means to be versatile and flexible. She obsesses over new makeup trends and specializes in event makeup. Macy enjoys talking with her clients and making them feel unique and special on their event day!  


Hair/Makeup Artist

Leanne has been specializing in hair and makeup for over ten years. Graduating from Regency Beauty Institute Leanne found her passion in hair styling and makeup. She has worked with many well known photographers and companies across MN. Leanne is an amazing artist who strives to bring the best version of each client she works on.


Hair/Makeup Artist

Yvonne has always been all things beauty to fashion to hair to cosmetics. It was when she had her baby girl to she decided to make a successful career out of it. She has been licensed in hair and makeup for several years specializing in makeup and unique styles that sets Yvonne apart from artists in MN


Hair Stylist

Kiara has a passion for hair for the past seven years. Her skills and knowledge has helped her be able to perfect any style that comes her way! She is dedicated to each of her clients and providing a quality service. Kiara will put a smile on each client's face when she styles their hair! 


Hair/Makeup Artist

Sommer studied at Aveda Institute MN before moving to LA to pursue her career in theater/media makeup. She than moved back to MN and is specializing in media makeup as well as bridal. Sommer has been doing hair and makeup for over ten years. She loves to keep expanding her skillset in updos and makeup. 


Makeup Artist

Kevin has specialized in makeup for over fifteen years. He specializes in bridal to photo shoots! Kevin excels at airbrush makeup and making sure the client has a specialized experience! Brides love his professional and the humor he brings to each application. Kevin studied at Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. 


Makeup Artist

Katie has been in the bridal industry for over ten plus years She is a skilled airbrush artist and has perfected her skills over the years. She brings a calming presence to each wedding she does. Katie is more than willing to do whatever it takes to complete everyones looks!

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