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Artist FAQ

How to Login To Portal

How to Update Your Calendar

How to Tell When You're Booked

What to do in case of emergency? 

If you are unable to attend your assigned event, contact your Lead Artist on your itinerary and contact other artists' on the Artist Contact Sheet to find a back up. If no one answers than text Katie. 

-Please provide Katie with documentation as to why you were not available. I.e doctor's note, obituary etc. via email: for an excused absence.

No Show - Consequences

No Show to an event, with no contact to artists or Katie will result in immediate termination.

Late Show - Every 15 minutes of tardiness to an event/trial run will result in a

1st Warning -loss of 15% per service.

2nd Warning - 1st Warning and removal from the next assigned event.

3rd Warning - Termination

Negative Review -  For all bride's we do submit a Feedback Form for each bride to fill out, this is to prevent negative reviews and to remedy the situation.

If an artist is mentioned in a review that is negative the artist will be contacted by Katie to go over the situation and how to prevent future negative feedback.

Mandatory training in areas the artist lacks in.

Refund Policy - All client's have 72 hours to request a refund for services not performed or unhappy with any services provided. If refund request is after the 72 hours no refund will be given. 

However, if a refund is requested prior to the 72 hours, Katie will evaluate the situation with that artist and client. If the artist was unable to perform the service, the artist will not receive compensation for the refunded service.

Calendar- Please update your google calendar whenever you can not work! I will be booking artists according to their calendar, if you are unavailable and have not put so in your calendar it will be considered as a 'No Show' OR you will need to find a replacement! 


Glamour Beauty provides a face chart for each artist to fill out. 

Please take photos after the trial so we can upload the photos and face chart to their online portal. 

Dress Code - 

Glamour Beauty Uniform 

Black Pants, leggings, dresses

Black, white, Tiffany blue and grey clothing. 

Professional hair and makeup required.

Lead Artist Responsibilities - 

Have a copy of the itinerary for artists and clients to view.

If an artist no shows - call that artist and Katie if no answer.

Make executive decisions if any problems occur.

Artist Kits - 

Make sure your kits are fully stocked with the following: professional product..

NYX is accepted!! :D 

Cash Tips - 

**REPORT to Glamour Beauty when GROUP tips are received as some may need to be distributed amongst artists. This is the lead artists' responsibility. 

Professionalism - 

Conversations need to be professional, such as no use of profanity. No bash talking regarding other bride's or other artists.

Example: When client's ask about "difficult" brides - avoid the conversation by saying "This is a very stressful time in every bride's life! Therefore I can't say that any bride has been "difficult"

Pay Scale - Artist's pay scale starts at $24.50/hour after 3 months or 3 events completed with Glamour Beauty artist pay will be reevaluated along with a 3 month review.

Pay Scale - 

Lead Artist: 46% commission

Master Artist: 43% 

Wedding Party: 40%

Gratuity is online or cash. Checks are pretty risky. 

Pay is issued in check form every 10th and 25th - if it is on a Sunday or Holiday the check may be delayed. 

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