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Spray Tanning

Norvell®, a name synonymous with ground breaking sunless spray tanning innovation. Coming to your home or in salon.

Mobile Spray Tanning: We bring the Spray Tan to you! Our artists come prepared to your home with a pop up tent, able to work in  any room of your house! No worries, there is no mess - and all whole service is done in under 30 minutes!

​Your customized tan will be applied with our personalized airbrush/spray process, and you can actually choose how dark you want to be! The micro-fine mist is evenly applied over the entire body leaving you with a healthy glow in less than 10 minutes. There is no orange discoloring, no streaking, no mess and no awful "tanning smell"- Just a natural looking color that will give you beautiful flawless color you've always dreamed of! 

We will send you emails before and after your appointment on how to prepare for your tan and what to do after your spray tan. Each client will gain knowledge on how to keep your spray tan the longest and products that will help keep the spray tan as gorgeous as they day you got it! Spray Tanning can be addictive so we do offer a spray tan membership so you can keep up to date on your tan while saving money! 


Single Spray Tan.............$40

Designer Spray Tan

**Includes a custom spray color............$50

One Hour Rapid Dry Spray Tan.............$55


2 Spray Tans - Bridal

**Includes "Try Out" Spray Tan plus day of spray tan.......................$85


2 Designer Spray Tans - Bridal

**Includes custom color spray tan "Try Out" And day of.......................$95


Plus 4 Spray Tan - Bride plus 4 friends

**Includes single spray tan for bride plus 4 friends.......................ask for a quote


Customized packages and Mobile  Please Email for more information at info@glamourbeauty.co

Book your On Site Bridal Party Spray Tan (limit of 4) and Bride receives complimentary designer spray tan!