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At Glamour Beauty we offer the signature look called Glamour Beauty Airbrush Makeup. Few artists in the area can do full airbrush which makes it one - of - a kind service. Each color is handpicked and custom made to fit every skin type, eye color and desire. If you want a speciality look that lasts up to 4 days book Glamour Beauty Airbrush!


What it is?

Glamour Airbrush Beauty Makeup means that the eyes cheeks foundation and lips are all done with airbrush makeup. Similar to airbrush foundation but the durability is on the whole face rather than just the foundation.


What is the difference?

​Glamour Beauty Airbrush makeup must be skillfully applied to the face, eyes, and lips with an airbrush gun, where gentle air pressure from the compressor sprays the foundation and eyeshadow as a very fine mist onto the skin. This method distributes the foundation in micro-fine layers giving a more natural finish and pure look.  Airbrush makeup is also very long-lasting. It also gives off a natural luminous effect. 


Does everyone do Glamour Beauty Airbrush?

As a matter of fact no, there is a few select airbrush artists that can actually do a full face in airbrush. It is hard to find a full airbrush artist in MN. It takes lots of training and time and not any airbrush artist can do it. Each eyeshadow, blush, bronzer etc. is mixed to each client. There are at least 3 or 4 colors mixed to create one eyeshadow color. Much less the whole eye. 

Is it Natural? 

Yes! With full airbrush it can be as natural or dramatic as you want! Airbrush is layer able and therefore can be light coverage to full coverage. 

The pigments are bright and can offer a matte, shimmer or opalescent. 


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