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White Winter, Bronzed Skin

As the seasons change and the snowfall starts of glistening white snow, we tend to miss our sun kissed bronzed skin.

The most common answer is tanning. Typically booth tanning. Now the major problem with booth tanning is the most talked about answer Cancer.

But why not spray tan?

Spray tanning is becoming increasingly more popular in Minnesota. Providing the bronzed sun kissed look without skin damage. As a makeup artist and skin specialist the negative effects of tanning goes on and on. Spray tanning however can provide an instant glow and last up to 7 days. Afraid you will lose your tan? Don't worry there are plenty of products out there to extend your glow and it is buildable. Meaning- the more you spray tan the longer it lasts and the color enhances.

Price point? Sure definitely more expensive than $5 Tan but comparable to Darque Tan and competitors. The difference from their spray tan and ours? We have a trained in specialist to manually apply your spray tan and the color you are looking to achieve. A full extensive consultation with our spray tan specialist to discover what shade you are looking for, skin irregularities and of course the length of time you are looking to keep your tan.

100% safe use - and with Norvell spray tan we are able to apply and according to your PH Skin level will determine how it develops - creating the perfect tan! No orange or streaks!

Try our spray tan and receive a complimentary gift :) $35/1 session

Book us now!

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