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About Glamour Beauty

The Art in Artist, The Style in Stylist

As a little girl I was always fascinated with hair and makeup, whether it was playing with my Barbie dolls or stuffed animals. I had a passion for it. As a child I was only allowed to wear the Smackers chap stick in different flavors. Remember those? Dr Pepper was pretty cool!

I ended up going to Northwestern College and the U of M during high school and than going to Bethel University after. My plan was to double major in psych and art. Long story short, college ended up not being what I wanted - which was when after a year of working, I enrolled in Regency Beauty Institute. Throughout beauty school, I found my passion was in up dos and makeup. I absolutely loved it and my return clients for styling was awesome! I found that it was a combination of everything I dreamed of. After I graduated I ended up going straight in the wedding business doing airbrush makeup and hair designs.

I have been doing bridal since I graduated- my dream was to have my own company that specialized in bridal. I wanted to make a difference in the industry- I also wanted to be a part of one of the most important events in a persons' life.

I started Glamour Beauty in 2013- I wanted a place that bride's could go to that was different from other onsite companies out there. As on site services have been rising over the past couple years, I knew that Glamour Beauty could be different. I wanted my artists to build that personal relationship with their clients, I wanted the customer service to better, I wanted to provide bride's with affordable beauty services that were still top quality. I knew as a bride that weddings are expensive but still you want to look beautiful on your wedding day. I want my brides to be able to have the beauty services they desired and yet still be able to afford them.

I have always said my brides are my friends- I want to make their beauty needs for their wedding as EASY as possible. Stress free and at their trial to relax and take a break from their wedding planning and just have fun with me and my team!

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