What Makes Us, Unique?

What makes Glamour Beauty unique as a team and group of artists?

Our team is highly focused on current products and trends for EVERY time of the year.

We provide our clients with a classy "Tiffany & Co." Experience.

Each bride is not only our client but also our friend. We strive to build a personal relationship and give the STAR treatment every woman/man deserves!

How we came to be...

Glamour Beauty was started by Katie "Audrey" Phelps, a local hair and makeup artist in the Twin Cities. After working for many companies in MN, she decided to start Glamour Beauty. A custom bridal hair and makeup company that cares about each bride and builds them a custom package based on their needs.

-Why did you start Glamour Beauty?

"I saw so many times throughout the industry bride's being treated as another paycheck. The same questions asked to each bride. It was too repetitive, I wanted to actually know each one as a person, not just on their makeup and hair preferences! So with that being said Glamour Beauty was founded. Weddings are one of the three most important things to happen in a person's life statistically, it might seem small to us when we do 80+ weddings a year, but it's really not!! I remember all my brides and love to connect with them after their wedding! It's the simple touches that make a difference and helps us stand out as a company."

-What do you specialize in? Hair or Makeup? Both?

"I actually specialize in both. I don't have a "favorite" between the two. And to stay up on trends and products I make sure I am doing both! LOL"

-What should a bride expect when going into the booking process?

"Well, each of my bride's works directly on the office work with me. I set them up with a client portal where their invoice, itineraries, consults are all in. After that, I provide them with phone calls and/or emails for all questions they have through out the process. Including setting up their trials and invoicing their bridal party. Each bride's file takes about 5 hours a work on my end. I like it this way because than I am directly involved in their wedding. I think it adds a personal touch that makes us unique."